Who We Are

At iZND Services we are flexible. Your business gains by reducing costs and complexities, and increasing operational efficiency. We provide our customers with repeatable, proven process that delivers consistent end-results regardless of project scope or client.

iZND Services provides a managed services program featuring a dedicated team of hardware and software professionals specializing developing services and products to meet our customers’ needs and best interests. iZND Services have broad experience providing IT Services and we have invested extensive resources and have developed a mature Managed IT Services Program, Cloud Computing Solutions and Professional IT Project Delivery.

It is simply smart to outsource your core and critical IT requirements with iZND Services as it is easy to lose track of your priorities. It starts with issues like what servers to buy and what firewall to install. Then the operating system breaks down, security is breached and network disruptions become a daily problem.

We will provide you a One-Stop solution includi all necessary hardware or software according to specifications identified based on your requirements

iZND’s Services focuses on providing One-Stop solution approach, because we understand that eliminating confusion when it comes to support tools is important to the success of reducing any downtime encountered by your organisation. Having all of your collateral in a one-stop solution & support provider, streamlines the process for distributors to get everything you need

Then, we will manage it all for you: the hardware, software, network, security and backup. Everything can be configured to your needs.

Our 24/7/365 Automated Helpdesk system monitors your IT Infrastructure to ensure it runs optimally.

We will be your IT partner to consistently improve efficiencies & increase productivity of your organisation through our collaboration & mobility tools which will allow the client to strategically align your organization to move towards a more competitive in your industry.

With these necessities in our care, you can now focus on what you specialize in & pay attention to what is really important for your business.